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New Forest England: A day well-spent in Nature

November 11, 2020
New Forest National Park

Now that the travel is banned in UK, both nationally and internationally, the only way to cope with being travelsick is to dig back into your Google Photos. And I did exactly the same. Seeing my past travel pictures, whether be it the day trips with friends from London or weekend breaks in some of the most stunning cities of the Europe, gives me immense pleasure and it surely keeps me motivated to travel again in future – obviously when we get rid of coronavirus.

Hopefully, when travel restrictions are lifted next month, people would definitely like to get out of the house again. Taking inspiration from my day trip to New Forest back in 2016, I suggest a great plan for a day outing with family or friends. The New Forest National Park is visited mostly for its animal magic, craft brews and nature trails.

Although there are other ways to travel to New Forest, the best way however is via car. So, if you have one great and if you don’t, I would highly recommend renting a car for the day, which is exactly what we did! The journey is about an hour-an-half, which still does give a vibe of short road trip, especially if you are travelling with friends.

New Forest National Park

The New Forest is one of the UK’s largest and most-loved national parks, surrounding parts of Hampshire, Wiltshire and Dorset. The park covers about 300 square miles and extends from the Solent all the way up to Salisbury. The park has some of the most picturesque spots to fill you Instagram profile.

We took the Blackwater walk which is a short walking trial of 1.1 miles (1.8 km) and is a fairly easy walk through the woodlands; thus, great for families too. The walk in centred in the Blackwater woods and passes through some amazing Blackwater Arboretum that houses a collection of tall trees giving a great sense of nature – a delight for nature lovers.

New Forest National Park

Wild horses are not the only animals’ worth discovering in the park. Other animals to look out for includes bison, wildcats and wolves, where they all roam freely. However, we were only lucky to see the horses.

The best way to have lunch on the day is to have a picnic at any of the wonderful spots in the park – they all have amazing views. Or stop for lunch at one of the amazing restaurants in the park. Make sure you stay hydrated all day. If you have your water bottles, you can refill them at the restaurants.

New Forest National Park

When you’re addressing an area the scale of the New Forest, wheels definitely beat the feet. You can hire mountain bikes or one of the electrical off-road ones. If paddling isn’t your thing, get yourself a two-seater eco-buggy for the day and set off through the woodlands.

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New Forest National Park

The whole point of any holiday or daytrips is get rid of the busy everyday working routine and to have fun. Turning to your inner child is sometimes what everyone needs,

Make sure you catch a glance of the ponies. These are trotting along the forest trails and grazing freely. Remember, though, that these ponies are wild, so don’t get too close for cuddles or selfies.

A very important thing I remember from the trip is to make sure you park your car in the designated car parks only. Somebody parked their car at the gateways which was a really bad as it blocked the pathways for others is completely not right. So please, do follow the guidelines of the national park. If you are unsure, checkout the parks website for information.

If you are planning to make it an overnight trip, nothing better than waking up in the middle of nature. It is an experience everyone should have once in their life. You can find some amazing options for your overnight accommodation on booking.com or Airbnb.

So, if you are thinking of planning to spend a day with you friends or family at the New Forest National Park, you are in a treat for good. Happy planning!

But for now, stay home and stay safe! XX

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