Best places to visit Europe in summers

July 2, 2021
Best places to visit in Europe in summer

World is full of amazing countries and cities with beautiful architecture and natural preserves, but have you thought about what are the best places to visit Europe in summers? When the weather gets warm and the skies clear, the crisp smell of summer fills the air and your lungs. Summer is here, and hopefully as the travel restrictions ease on the 19 July, there is no doubt that a trip around Europe must be on everyone’s mind. 

Travelling to Europe in the summer of 2021 is on the minds of everyone around. The last year or so has been hectic. But there is hope around the horizon that the pandemic situation will get better. There is no doubt that spending the holiday in Europe will be a dream come true for many people. And with many getting the vaccinations done, this seems even more possible.

The crucial question to ponder is which are the best places to visit in Europe in the summers in 2021? Everyone has their favourites, and with every new suggestion, it can get pretty hard to decide the perfect getaway for you. Europe is abundant with cities and places with rich history, beautiful architecture, and sceneries that will take your breath away. The seasons play a huge role in making visiting a city a worthwhile experience.

There are many places you can visit in Europe in the summer. Visiting Europe in the summers will take you on a journey of a lifetime. The bright sunshine and blue beaches are enough to give you memories for a lifetime. From castles that are centuries old to the cuisine of the different cities, Europe is waiting for you to discover it to your heart content.

When making a list of all the best places to visit in Europe in summer, then you will have plenty of options to choose your favourite. Europe is a continent rich in beauty and history. It makes it extremely hard to decide which place is worth visiting in Europe. If you are one such person, then this article is just for you!

Lisbon, Portugal

Best places to visit in Europe in summers Lisbon Portugal

Summers are incomplete without trips to beaches. It is why Lisbon is the perfect destination for your holiday in Europe. Lisbon has some of the most breathtaking beaches in the world. 

Lisbon has a rich history that will teach you something new every day. If you want to visit a place that will not only nurture your soul because of its beauty but will also take you on a trip down history lane, then there is no better option than Lisbon. From trams like San Francisco to monasteries and museums, Lisbon has something to offer for everyone.

The temperature in Lisbon is around 23-25 C in the summers. It means that it will not be too hot around the cities but warm enough for sightseeing and a few trips to the some of the best beaches of the city.

Barcelona, Spain

Best places to visit in Europe in summers Barcelona Spain

If you are penning down all the places to travel to in Europe in the summer, and don’t include Barcelona, you might make a big mistake. Barcelona is a welcoming place and among the most attractive cities in the world. And as the weather gets warmer, the joy of visiting these places increases exponentially. 

Barcelona is rich in architecture, and it will make you fall in love with the city even more. The average weather during summers in Barcelona is around 27 C-29 C. which makes it an ideal place for British people to explore this beautiful place this summer. 

During the summer times, Barcelona is usually brimming with tourists, and it is understandable why. Summers bring out a fresh and lively air around the city, making it an irresistible travel destination. If you plan a longer trip to the city, taking a daytrip to Costa Brava from Barcelona is another great way to spend a day away but not that far from the city.

Prague, Czech Republic

Best places to visit in Europe in summers Prague Czech

A holiday in Europe will be incomplete without a trip to Prague. Filled with breath-taking landscapes and beautiful places, Prague is the one city you do not want to miss for your European summer travels in 2021. 

The tourist landmarks in Prague are endless. You can find something new to do or see in this beautiful city every day. A simple activity such as taking a walk around the great city will help you get engulfed in the wonders of this magical land. The Charles Bridge, Prague castle, and St. Vitus Cathedral are some of the most widely visited places.

Prague, during the summers, is cloudy, with sunshine swooping in here and there. Visiting Prague in the summers will help you beat the heat and take you to a place you won’t be able to forget. I visited Prague just before the Covid-19 pandemic hit the world and although I visited the city in winters (January 2020), it was great. So, imagine how much you would enjoy it in summers.

Checkout the blog post on my personal experience of visiting Prague, 3 Days in Prague, Czech Republic. It is a complete 3 day guide for the trip that I took with friends.

Reykjavik, Iceland

Best places to visit in Europe in summers Reykjavik Iceland

Are you thinking about travelling to Iceland for the summer of 2021? If you are trying to beat the sun and want to be somewhere which does not feel like an open furnace. Then there is no better place than Reykjavik. 

If you love hiking, nature, and everything alike, then this place should be on your Europe summer travel list for 2021. The warmest temperature you will see in the city is around 20 C. And that is ideal for anyone who is not a big fan of the sun and heat.

Reykjavik is the home of beautiful and mesmerising Northern Lights. It is also the reason why so many people visit this incredible city every year during the summer. If you experience this phenomenon, it will intensify the experience you will receive in this stunning place. 

Reykjavik has endless tourist attractions. From visiting century-old churches like the Hallgrimskirkja to whale watching tours, there is something for everyone to explore in this city.

Cinque Terre, Italy

Best places to visit in Europe in summers Cinque Terre Italy

Filled with colourful street, buildings and beaches that will take your breath away, if Cinque Terre is not on your list of places to visit in Europe in the summer, then you will be missing out on something. 

Cinque Terre is best known for its colourful sunsets from the coast. Whether you love hiking or swimming in clear blue water, Cinque Terre will not disappoint. The five towns Cinque Terre will help you understand the locals better and get immersed in the culture of Italy. 

There are only two ways you can visit Cinque Terre, train or boat. A four-to-five-day trip to Cinque Terre will give you memories you can cherish for a lifetime. The weather in Cinque Terre during the summers is optimal for both hiking and swimming. The temperature reaches a maximum of 28 C to 29 C. 

If you are planning on travelling to Europe in the summer, then there is no doubt you will have a ton of options to ponder over. Europe is a continent that will give you art, history, splendid cuisine, and architecture that will enchant you. 

There is no correct place to choose when you think about a trip to Europe in the summers. Every country or city will give you a unique experience that will take your breath away. The above cities are some of the most amazing places you can find in Europe in the summer. 

Do you have a favourite place to visit in Europe in the summers? Leave a comment below and tell me all about it.

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