Top 5 places for women travelling alone

April 23, 2021
Top 5 place for women travelling alone

Everyone loves to travel, and whether you like it or not, you should at least once travel alone.

In many cases, women are hesitant to travel all by themselves and sometimes rightly so, but there are many great places in the world for women who want to travel alone. Finding the best places for solo female travellers can be hard at times but certainly not impossible!

There are many reasons why I believe everyone should at least once experience the thrill of travelling alone. Travelling alone gives more than it takes. You learn new things, experience new cultures, and widen your knowledge about the beauties of the world. Places to go for female travellers can be hard to find. Many of us are usually worried about safety and security, which is why I have made this list to talk about some of the best places for solo female travellers.

The importance of travelling cannot be stressed out enough. It is one of the best ways to grow out of your shell and, at the same time, make lasting memories. Travelling solo is a big step for anyone but one, which everyone should experience once in a lifetime. You will learn growth and see the beauty of the universe when you step out into the world. 

It is best to find the safest places possible if this is your first time as a solo female traveller. Your ideal destination should be low on the crime scale, has friendly people, easy to navigate to explore areas and more. This list is for those looking for some of the best places for solo female travellers and or women who want to travel alone for the first time.


The language barrier might be scary at first, but that is no reason why you shouldn’t travel to Japan. Japan is among the best places for all solo female travellers. Japan is a place of endless beauty, which will make your experience worthwhile. From the hospitable people to the beautiful sceneries, it is a breath-taking country for anyone who visits.

Cities like Osaka and Tokyo are every solo female travellerโ€™s dream. These cities have fantastic coordination and organization. Be it in the public transportation sector or the local restaurants in the area. 

One of the most uncomfortable situations for solo female travellers is to dine out alone. But dining out alone in Japan is another issue you won’t have to worry about. Eating alone is completely normal in Japan. Some businesses in the area even thrive because of this very reason.


Philippines solo travel

Another place that attracts a lot of travellers is the Philippines. Philippines is a wonderland if you love the sun and beaches. Philippines is a safe place for travellers and, so it is among the best places for solo female travellers. Other reasons are that people in the Philippines are friendly, and you can find many travellers to interact with when you are there. There are many things you can do in the country. From museums to beaches, there is something available for everyone. 

Places like Siargao are famous for surfers and motorbike enthusiasts. Boracay is another such island that has a lot of fame among solo female travellers. If you love parasailing and scuba diving, then this island should be on your list. 


Indonesia solo travel

Although Indonesia is considered a tourist spot for families, that shouldn’t stop you from exploring the beauties of this breath-taking place. 

Indonesia is one of the safest places for all solo female travellers. All you need to keep in mind is to be aware of your surroundings and avoid areas that seem sketchy.

Filled with magnificent places, Indonesia has a ton of places you can explore. Places like Ubud and Bandung are great for all solo female travellers. 

Ubud is a destination where you will most likely find many travellers, and because of this reason, the locals are hospitable to everyone who visits the area. Bandung is another place filled with beautiful sceneries and amazing people. It is also the most visited weekend destination from Jakarta.

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Iceland solo travel

What could be better than visiting the safest place in the world? Iceland is a fantastic destination if you are or want to be a solo female traveller. It is one of the best places if this is the first one you will be travelling to, alone. 

The country itself is beautiful and has countless stunning landscapes that you can visit. The people are friendly and helpful. Icelandic people speak perfect English, so you don’t need to worry about any language barrier issues.

Reykjavik has some of the most beautiful cafes. Cafes are great places to meet new people or to stay on your own – whichever suits you best. 


Germany solo travel

Another beautiful place for solo female travellers had to be Germany. The crime rate of the country is low, and the people are hospitable, so this is a good tourist spot for every solo female traveller. 

Places like Berlin, Munich, and Stuttgart are some of the best tourist spots in the country. The people of the country are creative and energetic. There is no need to worry too much about being an outsider when you visit Germany because everyone is friendly. 

You can find some great places in the country as well. From museums to beautiful architecture, you are likely to have a great time in Germany no matter who you are.

Travelling is a joyful experience for anyone. If you are a solo female traveller, then you would want to visit a place that is not only safe but is also bursting with life.

Leave a comment below and tell me all about your favourite places you have been to or would love to visit as a solo female traveller. Keep smiling! XX

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