Airbnb v Hotels: which is better?

July 23, 2021
airbnb v hotels

What’s your take on Airbnb v Hotels – have you ever thought of the same? Choosing between Airbnb and hotels and deciding which is better has been an age-old question.

Airbnb started functioning around 2008, and since then, the fight between which is the better option has been going on. Many things give one an edge over the other. And of course, personal preference matters the most in helping you decide the perfect option for your needs. 

Selecting the perfect option between an Airbnb and a hotel can take some trial and error before you realise the best alternative for yourself. Mostly, it depends on what you are looking for from your desired place of stay or the type of holiday. Is it complete privacy? Is it cost-effective? Or something else entirely? All these factors come into play when you are trying to decide between choosing an Airbnb or a hotel. 

These factors sometimes become too much work for people to work, so with this guide, I have provided a list of all the crucial things you need to keep in mind before you opt for either of the two options.


airbnb v hotels security

Probably, the biggest argument against Airbnb arises when it comes to the security of a place. Many incidents of hidden cameras in Airbnb get reported daily. Of course, this is something no one wants to happen when we go on a trip. Hotels, in comparison to Airbnb, are a lot safer and secure. 

In Airbnb, if you are worried about issues, such as hidden cameras, then, unfortunately, there is not much that you can do to resolve such an issue. So, if security is your biggest concern, then an Airbnb crib might not be the best solution to your needs. 

With hotels, if you find an issue, you can report it directly to the management, and they will provide you with a solution to your needs, but the same is not the case with Airbnb. The landlord/owner might be living in a different city or country and getting something fixed can be a hassle or not entirely possible if you are taking a short weekend trip.

Budget-friendly options

airbnb v hotels budget-friendly options

Travelling can be expensive. There are so many costs to account for when you go out to travel. So, naturally, you want to do everything possible to spend as little as possible while you are in a foreign land. Airbnb, in comparison to a hotel, is an e-budget-friendly option. And it will help you save up some extra cash. 

Comparatively, Airbnb is a lot cheaper than hotels and can be a great option if you want to travel on a budget. Airbnb also provides more alternatives to people who before used to worry about the living expenses when you are in a new land. 

In an Airbnb, you do not get the amenities that will be present at a hotel. Including stuff such as cleaning services. It means that your bill will not keep piling up as you take advantage of the resources provided to you.

Another edge that Airbnb has over hotels is that Airbnb cribs charge according to the nights you stay in instead of the number of people living in it. So travelling in a group will help you save up money by opting for Airbnb. You can rent out entire houses or apartments and not pay as much as you would have to in a hotel.

If you are someone, who wants to travel the entire time to a new place, then Airbnb is a good option for you. It will help you save up some extra cash while also let you explore the country with ease.

In terms of hotels, many provide seasonal special offers on rates so make sure you keep an eye on those. You never know when you might land a huge bargain.

For our 3 nights Prague trip, we managed to get 2 standard large-double bedrooms (great size) for £442 in a 4* Hotel in the old town square, which included complimentary breakfast. This was for a group of 4, which means each paid £37 per night which is a massive bargain considering hotels.

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Regulation and customer service

airbnb v hotels regulation and customer service

When you go out to travel, it is likely that you would want to be pampered and have someone take care of you. The best thing about hotels is that they are supposed to provide the best customer service.

In a hotel, you won’t have to worry about preparing your meals, and neither do you need to worry about cleaning your space. The hotel you live in will provide all of this and more.

An Airbnb, however, will provide a much different experience in comparison. Airbnb’s will have to be maintained by yourself, and when staying in an Airbnb, you will not be pampered and must take care of yourself. You will have to take care of your belongings and be extra vigilant if you choose to stay at an Airbnb as you will have to imburse extra costs for damage.

Complete local experience

airbnb v hotels complete local experience

Are you looking to get a complete local lifestyle experience from your travels? If so, then Airbnb will serve as a great option. An Airbnb crib is a place where you can easily interact with the locals and meet up with new people as much as you want. It helps in making you feel like a local yourself. You will have to go out to get the groceries and other amenities while you stay at the Airbnb, which will help you get to know the people around a lot better than you will get a chance otherwise.

Hotels, in comparison, are a lot more different than Airbnb. If you want to feel like a local and have complete freedom when you are out on a trip, then a hotel is not the best option to guide you with that. Hotels are more of a private space and you might only have other travellers staying in the hotel; thus less interaction with locals.

The debate between Airbnb and hotel is over a decade long feud. There are many ways to address these issues and several solutions as well. All in all, the most crucial difference between the two arises based on your personal preferences. Personally, I feel some holidays are made for hotel stays and some are perfect vacations for a remote-location Airbnb.

What do you prefer between an Airbnb and a hotel? Let me know in the comments.

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