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How to take better travel photos?

February 22, 2021
How to take better travel photos

Travelling is all fun and games but does it annoy you when you come back from a trip and decide to post pictures online but, none of them feels worthy? Been there, and I know how it feels. But I’ve finally figured it out!

There are times when you have so much fun at a place, but the pictures you take back with you are subpar. These low-quality pictures even ruin the mood of many people so, what should you do then? Of course, you can’t spoil the fun of your trip because of bad pictures. Instead, what you can do is follow some of these tips that I have used myself too, to take better photos of your travels.

So, follow these steps before you go on to your next adventure to ensure that the pictures you take are as beautiful as the experience you take from your travel destination!


Research your travel destination

I know many travel enthusiasts love the unpredictability that a place brings when you visit it without any beforehand knowledge. This unpredictability might sound adventurous and fun, but it might also be putting a strain on the pictures you take.

Don’t believe me? Imagine this scenario; you visit a beautiful town with amazing sights but, while you are busy scrummaging through various uninteresting places you miss out on those gorgeous sights. Whether you like to admit it or not, this does happen when you don’t research the country you are visiting.

So, hop onto Pinterest and Instagram and gather all the insights about the place you are visiting.


Make a plan

Now that you have done some research about the place you will be visiting, what’s the next important thing? Pen it down, of course! 

Some people are so dedicated to this sort of organization that they have their travel journals. And honestly, travel journals are great! Not only can you pen down all the memorable spots you want to visit on your adventure but when you are there, you can save up a lot of the souvenirs and photos of your travel and paste them in a dedicated journal. I’m planning to start a travel journal myself – soon!

Making a journal will also inspire you to take better pictures because no one wants a journal with blurry or average photos. We all want some of the most significant captures in our journal, and there is no better feeling than adding the pictures you took yourself. 

There is a reason why pictures are a gateway to your memory and making a plan with a dedicated journal gives you just that. And same is the case for your social media profiles!

Use instagram filters

Use Instagram filters

We all know and love Snapchat filters but, another very underrated app you can use to pictures is Instagram. Instagram has some great and aesthetic filters which can bring out the best in your photos.

I love using Instagram filters for taking my pictures. Sometimes, the filters of Instagram work better than Snapchat, so even if you prefer the latter do not shy away from trying out the Instagram filters from time to time.

Take care of lighting

Be cautious of the lighting

Good lighting is something that can convert a picture from average to sublime. There is a reason why everyone on Instagram is so obsessed with the so-called golden hour. Not only can you take beautiful self-portraits at such times, but pictures of landscapes can also improve ten folds when you take them in the golden last rays on sunlight.

Almost all phones come with features that let you change exposure settings. Be sure to experiment with these to take amazing shots.

Use photo editing apps

Use photo editing apps

You might have taken some great pictures on your trip. But there are times when even a good picture feels like it is missing something. That’s where you should use a photo editing app. Most people don’t like the hassle that comes with using a photo editing app but trust me just a few tricks such as different light exposure, brightness, contrast, etc. can turn your pictures from average to Instagram-worthy.

There are many great apps you can use for photo editing. Some of them include Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom for mobile devices, PicsArt, VSCO, Snapseed, and more. There are plenty others, so find the right fit for yourself.

These apps are great and can help you look like a professional photographer by using just a few simple tips and tricks. 

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Take as many pictures as you want

Take as many pictures as you can

Want to know the best way to make sure you have amazing pictures at the end of your trip? Take a lot of photos! 

I know many people don’t like taking pictures all the time and want to live in the moment but, you can always take a bunch of photos at places you feel to match your aesthetic and then edit them later when you get home. 

Taking a lot of photos might fill up your phone space. So, make sure to create space in your phone before you go on a trip. You can always delete the unflattering ones whenever you feel like it.

Do not forget the details

Do not forget the details

A very highly underrated photography technique is capturing the details. Something as simple as a sunset can end being the best picture you take on your adventure. So while you are exploring the place you are in, stop for a second and capture the small details like the local market place, the food vendors, the people, the architecture, and more. The possibility in this domain is truly endless!

take a backup

Create a backup

There is nothing worse than taking amazing pictures only for them to get lost because you never created a backup. I have heard many stories of people who have had various unfortunate events that led to data loss of their photos and memories.

A backup such as Dropbox or Google Photos will keep your memories safe and secure even if there are any unforeseen circumstances in your travels. So, just as an added precaution, create a backup.

Tell a story through your photos

Tell a story through your pictures

Need the motivation to take pictures? How about you tell a story through your travels.

Documenting your adventure is a great way to keep yourself motivated to take pictures every day and put in the effort to go the extra mile. You can start your story before even getting to your destination. Take some aesthetic shots at the airport to get yourself started.

Don't be shy

Do not be shy

The last tip for this list is, do not be shy! Many people shy from taking pictures of themselves or the places they are at because they feel awkward. If you do not take too many pictures, then you may feel this anxiety when you try to take photos on your trip.

Remind yourself you are on a trip and you are there to have fun and take as many pictures as you want.

Pictures are a great source to relive all your memories. Be sure to follow all these steps when you take photos on your next travel destination. XX

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