Why you should travel at least once a year?

February 4, 2021

It is extraordinary to come across people who deep down don’t love travelling. I find it hard to believe that there are such people out there who don’t want to see the world and the natural beauty it has to offer.

Of course, people give many reasons why travelling is not as fun as us, wondrous souls, make it out to be. Long flights, bothersome schedules and more can cause unimaginable difficulties. But even all of this is nothing compared to waking up and witnessing a sunrise in a land completely alien to you.

2020 has been a harsh year for everyone; there is no ambiguity about that! And it’s in adversities do we honestly appreciate the effect of the simplest of things. 2020 made us all contemplate that small things like going out for a walk or being around family or friends, are blessings in themselves that we should never take for granted. Personally, the whole year round, I found myself looking for excuses to go out even if it were just to go to a grocery store, and I know of others who went through the same as well!

Being bound to a single place made me appreciate even more how rich the world is. From the beaches in Italy to the art museums in France, the more I looked at all these places on a phone screen, the more I came to appreciate how fortunate we are or were. I have seen people around me, who used to be more of a house-bound type personality who find satisfaction in staying home, all by themselves, saying that they too are frustrated and want to get out meet people and travel too.

My mum, who apparently also belongs to the stay-at-home club, has just had the realization of this blessing and that is one of the biggest inspirations about why I’m writing this article. By the end, I hope you develop the same fascination my mum has and, countless others do.

Of course, I know the situation with coronavirus is nowhere near better and, there are many other reasons why travelling is harder for some. Through this article, I hope to create a wanderlust so that when you can travel, you wouldn’t think twice about whether you should go or not!

New experiences

New experiences

You have probably heard this before still, I felt it was necessary to mention here as well. When you are stuck in one place and have a fixed schedule, as our current times, seeing and experiencing new things becomes more unlikely.

Many people don’t even want to get new experience. I don’t believe that should be so. We are living in a world full of endless possibilities. So much so that, it is a crime that you should restrict yourself from exploring the world โ€“ I believe so! New adventures will make you acknowledge everything to a deeper level and help you grow as a person.

Problem-solving skills

Now, problem-solving skills are not something many associates with travelling. But believe me, travelling impacts how you solve problems that you face first-hand. Don’t let the word “problems” scare you. Problems here mean that you might encounter strains such as language barriers but, from my personal experience, I can confirm that almost any local will try to help you out in the best way!

Of course, this will also trigger you to think analytically and assess the situation you are in and, thus, you would be able to develop and strengthen your problem-solving skills.

Personal growth and soul searching

Personal growth and soul searching is one of my personal favourite reasons for why one should travel more โ€“ for why I like to travel. When you travel, you are almost always in for a rude awakening. Travelling will help you learn so much more about yourself and, it will also help you coming out of the bubble that you have been confined in, for so long.

Your soul calls out for you to search for peace and beauty. You can’t find that in front of your computer or mobile screens. It is at the time when you step out of the bubble of your daily routine, do you honestly discover your true self. I mean, there is a reason why Julia Roberts went on a trip to find herself instead of being where she was in Eat, pray, love!

Learning new things

When you travel, you subconsciously learn a lot more than you can envision. Travelling exposes you to places brand new and foreign to what you have previously known. If you are humble enough, this can also teach you new things. Many people even try to learn the native languages spoken in the countries they visit. Of course, no one is asking you to learn a new language in a week but, the fact that you even try can contribute to so much more than you can ever imagine.

If travelling has never been a part of your life, it would almost seem impossible for you to adjust this new adventure in your routine and your finances. I have seen people work on managing their finances and making sure they are saving enough for their travels. This also gives one motivation in life for a lot of things and one feels that if they have achieved this โ€“ saving for travels, they might be able to do other things too.

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It is a scientific fact that your brain produces new neurons when you are continuously learning. So, by travelling and learning about the various cultures, you will be keeping yourself healthy. I have always wanted to visit Spain. Have been planning it with friends for a few years and it could have happened in summer 2020, but thanks to coronavirus, we couldnโ€™t. But it is on my bucket-list and for that I have been on and off learning some bits of Spanish. It just mesmerizes me whenever I learn something new. And trust me, you will do too!

Relaxation and unwinding

This reason might seem sort of contradictory to the above one. But as I mentioned above, a lot of the learning you do while you travel is subconscious.  You will not even realize it; a trip can teach you so much you never knew before. And when you come back home, you’d feel a change in yourself as well. So, travelling is one of the best things you can do for yourself. You would be learning even while you relax.

Many people see travelling as an escapism from their hectic lives. And although, that is a great reason to travel but shouldn’t be the only one. Travelling around the world will give you more than you can ever think of. Imagine being relaxed and unwinding yourself and also, unconsciously discovering the secrets and mysteries of the world.

Because you can!

Lastly, one more reason why you should travel is that you can! Trust me, you don’t have to go to the other side of the world to travel. Something as small as visiting a neighbouring country or, even a city is a huge accomplishment that you should not deprive yourself of. So pack your bags and go.

Leave a comment below and let me know about your favorite places to travel to and which destination you wish to travel to next or are planning to travel to in 2021!

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