How to travel after coronavirus?

September 18, 2020
Travel after coronavirus

For people to whom travelling was a vital part of life, it is an extremely frustrating time. Not being able to travel and lately staying home most of the time can be very damaging to the mind and soul. Some of you might have just planned their first ever trip with friends or your first ever solo trip, which unfortunately was affected by coronavirus.

But trust me, the time you’re now spending at home, sitting and depressing yourself is the time to plan that trip of a lifetime, that holiday you always thought of taking but never did, that honeymoon, that girls or boys trip, the couples trip—or even just an escape out of your daily life.

I, myself had one of my holidays fully booked for April 2020 and had another one in process of planning for summer 2020. But here I am, at home, waiting to get a green signal from WHO so we can travel again. The question is how would the travel be after coronavirus?

Let’s dig in to seven factors that would be highly beneficial and should be considered by all while planning that next travel.

Choose multiple destination options for travel

Start with creating a travel bucket list based on your interests. Watch online documentaries and read travel blogs on the destinations you want to travel to. Make sure you make this list based on how healthy or risky the country is.

Keep a check on the WHO website and the coronavirus tracker for latest updates. Checking the life updates for the city/country and see which places have the best prevention methods and guidelines for the pandemic. It is also recommended to keep an eye on the Covid-19 Travel Regulation Map for the travel restriction changes.

If you are still not sure, explore destinations that are not so popular and crowded with tourists – something like more into nature, cities/countries with lesser population, and national parks.

Make sure you check if there is correct medical infrastructure/facilities in the region you are looking to travel to specially for coronavirus – in case you are sick while you are travelling.

Consider making bookings with the cancellation options

Book your accommodation and flights with the cancellation options in case you need to make changes or cancel your trip. Make sure you read the cancellation policies for your bookings. This would possibly be the right time to consider the best value rather than lowest price. Many hotels and airlines are currently providing the best prices and packages to get everyone travelling again.

You also might want to consider booking the trip cancellation insurance.

I would highly recommend to not book with unknown operators and go for the well-known names like,, Airbnb for accommodation and well-known airline names like British Airways, Qatar Airways, Emirates, Qantas Airways and more.

Make sure you get the right travel health insurance.

Travel closer to home

Plan shorter trips preferably closer to home or neighbouring countries so getting back home is an easier and quickest option.  Instead of one long trip, plan multiple shorter trips. Try to take advantage of long weekends and public/bank holidays and book in advance for better prices and availability.

Don’t plan way ahead

Maybe in coming months there might be a second wave of coronavirus expected all around the world. So, planning well ahead might have strong chances of your trip being either postponed multiple times or even cancelled. Plan several options ready for your trip – pick multiple travel date options so you can pick one when the time is right.

Taking care of your health

You need to keep yourself strong and healthy to make sure your health is on top. Eat healthy, keep doing regular exercise, take vitamins and most importantly, drink plenty of water and take a good night sleep.

Stay safe while travelling

You must take precautions while you are travelling. Stay safe and healthy during your travel by washing your hands properly and regularly. Bring sanitisers and wipes with you and use them every time you touch something.

Remember to not touch your face, mouth, eyes, and nose instead use tissues and face mask to protect yourself.

Eat at places that have good reviews as chances are, they are way cleaner and are maintaining health and safety in these terrible times. Make sure you know any emergency numbers for your chosen destinations.

Checkout this article on how to maintain good health in these times.

Don’t rush to travel

As much as we all are eager to travel soon, wait until it is safe to travel. Follow the authorities and see when they say it is safe to travel. Rework your travel plan accordingly.

If you managed to create a long list of travel destinations, there is a high chance of you finding that one travel that fits the bill perfectly.

Hope this helps you all plan your trip and make sure it is a safe one for yourself and others.

Stay safe everyone! XX

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