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Books that will get you in the mood to travel

March 15, 2021
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2020 was a taxing year in many ways. One of the things affected by this change of events was how we travel and how much we travel. With the ongoing pandemic, the situation of frequent travels is still under a big question mark.

So, what do you do when there is no way for you to pick up your bags and go out to explore the wonders of this magnificent world? You read it!

Being a travel enthusiast, staying in the house was somewhat depressing for me. But because of the severity of the coronavirus, we all must play our part. So, when I could not travel, I turned to books. Books are magical. You can be sitting in your favourite chair or laying on your back but, with a good book in hand, you can travel from Hogwarts to Narnia and yes, around the world as well. In fact, with a book in hand, you can travel the world in 80 days!

On my book reading journey, I discovered some of the best books I have ever read. Here are some of the best ones. 

Around the world on 80 days by Jules Verne

The first book I picked is an all-time classic. Around the world in 80 days in a fun book which will keep you entertained for long. It will make you fall in love with the ups and downs of travelling and make you homesick for places you have never been. This book is about an Englishman Phileas Fogg and his valet Passepartout who try to travel around the world in 80 days. Because of a bet set by the friends of Phileas in the Reform Club. 

13 little blue envelopes by Maureen Johnson

Is there anything better than a book set out in the cities of Europe? 13 little blue envelopes is one of the best books I read last year and made me wish I could set out to see the world right at that very moment. My introduction to this book was sort of out of the blue, no puns intended. I had heard a lot about this book from my friend but never got around to reading it. But now that I have, I have completely fallen in love with it. This book is about a girl who travels around Europe based on instructions left for her by her aunt.

Eat, Pray, Love: One woman’s search for everything across Italy, India and Indonesia by Elizabeth Gilbert

If you are a book reader, then you probably already know about this one. There is nothing more satisfying than searching for yourself in all the places you have never been to before. Eat, Pray, Love is just that. It is a memoir of Elizebeth Gilbert and her journey around different countries she visits after her divorce. The writer looks for solace in all the new places and learns something worthwhile in every new country.

The beach by Alex Garland

As someone who is in love with beaches, I had to include The Beach on my list. This pandemic had me craving for long summer days at the beach. Sand in my toes and the cool air at a beach were all I was dreaming about for a long time, so this book was a wanderlust experience for me. Not only is it a book that will get you in the mood to travel, but will also keep you on your toes because the story does not take too long to go from a paradise on earth to straight out hell filled with betrayals and lies. 

Books for travel inspiration

Hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy by Douglas Adams

Does travelling around the world seem too mundane for you? How about you check out books set in outer space? I love Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. It is an intriguing book with a brilliant plot. This book might be a little childish for some, but if you have got the imagination for it, then there is no doubt you will fall in love with it.

Mastering the art of french eating by Ann Mah

Mastering the Art of French Eating is a memoir. As a food lover and a lover of beautiful places, this book was the perfect combination for me. This book takes on a journey around France and all the great food in the region. 

A light between oceans by M.L. Stedman

A light between oceans takes you to a trip down under or more precisely, to Australia. This book does not necessarily give off the vibes of a travel book but, with the settings, it takes you on a journey to the town of Point Partageuse. A light between the oceans is so good that putting it down is hard. It is the story of a couple who finds a baby and a dead body in a boat and decides to keep the baby without informing the local authorities. This action leads to consequences for the family.

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Crazy Rich Asians by Kevin Kwan

Crazy Rich Asians is a book I read after watching the movie because I did not even know that there was also a book. It is a book about romance and takes you a journey to Indonesia. This book is truly one of the most heart warming books you can read this year. The writer, Kevin Kwan, stated that this book introduces the West to the culture of Asia. So, immerse yourself in the luxurious and glamorous life crazy rich Asians talked about in this book.

Forty rules of love by Elif Shafak

Not a traditional book about travelling but reading Forty rules of love took me to the streets of Turkey. It is why I had to include this book in my list of favourites for wanderlust. Read this book for a beautiful experience and get lost in the beauty of Turkey.

Books are the perfect way to transport you to a different universe while sitting in the comfort of your home.

What are your favourite books that get you in the mood to travel? Let me know in the comments below! XX

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