Dealing with wanderlust when stuck at home?

April 20, 2021

Lately, times have not been easy for anyone. Because of the pandemic, people around the world suffered in many ways. And the worst is far from over. Although vaccines have started distribution in in many countries worldwide, it is unlikely that everything will go back to the way it was once. 

When you are stuck at home during quarantine and lockdowns, every second feels like an eternity. It is not easy to wrap your minds around staying indoors every day because this creates a sudden desire for wanderlust in almost everyone. Being at home for more than a year now, I can totally relate to that.

Being stuck at home during the pandemic is not easy for anyone and hasnโ€™t been for myself either. Even if you did not suffer from Covid-19, it is still really hard to adjust to a lifestyle that is entirely new and peculiar. It can be more straining for people who love travelling and going out โ€“ like me!

Travellers did not have it easy during the pandemic, and since we have not entered a post-covid era as of yet โ€“ still in process of that, it is hard to determine when you will be able to travel freely again. Of course, being stuck at home during a pandemic can be very depressing for many people. We all want to get back out there, but it is best to be safe than sorry for now. 

Being stuck at home during the pandemic is a struggle, but that does not mean you have to lose all forms of entertainment from your life. There are many things that you can do when you are stuck at home. I have listed below some of my top picks that helped me and will definitely help you staying happy and cheerful while you are stuck at home during the pandemic โ€“ at least for a couple of months more. Fingers crossed for a great summer!

Read a book about travelling

Read a book about travelling

There is no better way to travel around the world then from the comfort of your home by picking up a book and getting lost in a fictional land. There is a reason why books are so great at helping you escape reality, even if this escape is only for a limited time. Books take up your entire focus, and when you truly devote yourself to a book, you not only get submerged into a completely new world but also remember bits of it even when you are not reading.

Reading a great book can be euphoric and sometimes even better than watching a show or a movie because it requires more focus and concentration. When you are stuck at home during the pandemic, reading a great book will get you submerged into a wonderland and fall into a rabbit hole just like Alice!

TIP: Of course, there are many book genres available. Sometimes picking a genre can even be daunting. So, if your focus of picking up a book is to quench your thirst for adventure, then I would suggest reading a dystopian fiction or a non-fictional book that is strictly about travelling to different places of the world.

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Watch a travel-based movie or show

Watch a travel-based movie or show

Shows and movies are not as exhilarating as a book but, that does not mean their importance should go under the radar. When you get tired of working from home, it is often hard to fully devote your time and energy to a book. It is one such case when you should pick a movie or show to watch. Watching a show or movie while you are stuck at home during the pandemic can be a great way to relax and will not consume much of your mental energy either.

There are many great movies and shows that you can dive into while you wait for things to get to the way they were. You can watch whichever movies you like, but picking ones that are generally about travels and going around the world can help with your wanderlust while you are stuck at home and bored out of your mind.

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Plan for your next trip

Plan for your next trip

Planning for your next trip might feel depressing given the circumstances we are in, but it can help with any anxiety or discomfort you might be experiencing while stuck at home during the pandemic. Doing so will give you peace of mind and help you focus better on other tasks which you might or might not be putting off because of the restlessness of being stuck at home. Planning your next trip ahead of time can be great for many reasons. When you plan for your trip ahead of schedule, you will have enough time to include all the necessary things you want to do when you get there.

TIP: If you feel like planning a trip is too overwhelming, you can always start by picking a country you want to visit when you can travel again and add the details whenever you feel like it. Go to and just make a start!

Read travel blogs

Read travel blogs

Although this might feel like self-promotion but trust me, reading travel blogs when you are stuck at home during a pandemic can be very helpful.

Many times, a travel blog can be very similar to reading nonfiction books. If you are not much of a reader, then reading travel blogs might be a better option for you than opting for a big fat book. Travel blogs are small and concise and will help keep you cheerful while waiting for travel to commence. Travel blogs will keep you close to the world that once was. They will also help get ready for making memories in a post-pandemic world.

There are many great travel blogs available and provide a lot more variety than books. So, if you want to read but are not looking for any far-reaching commitments, then reading a travel blog is the best option for you. Hope you continue reading mine!

Learn about other cultures

Learn about other cultures

One of the best things about getting to travel the world is learning about other cultures. The world has many amazing people and beautiful places, all of which waiting to be discovered by you. While this wait might feel more prolonged than before, that does not mean you cannot learn about the countries you might have planned to visit. Of course, nothing compares to being in the flesh and experiencing new cultures, but while you cannot, learning about them from home is not such a bad idea either.

Learning about other cultures will not only help you get a deeper understanding of the different societies of the world, but it will also keep you occupied when you get a serious case of wanderlust.

Being stuck at home during the pandemic is not easy for anyone. It can be hard and exhausting to follow the same schedule every day. But unfortunately, for now, this is the norm. So, apply any of these tips if you get tired of staying in the house all the time.

Leave a comment below to tell me how you cope when you get that serious case of wanderlust while you are stuck at home during the pandemic. XX

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