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Movies and shows to get you into travelling

March 17, 2021
Movies and shows that will get you into the mood to travel

Majority of people spent their time in 2020 inside their homes. Being a part of the global pandemic is not easy. It is necessary to follow the rules of lockdown and stay indoors as much as possible.

When you have to stay at your house all day, it is easy to get bored. Even if you have a job and you are working remotely, staying at home at all times is not easy. It is especially very difficult for travellers. 

Anyone who loves travelling would agree that the pandemic has been very difficult because staying indoors for so long can be challenging. As a traveller myself, I, too, felt this anxiety while I was at home with nothing to do and nowhere to go.

From the government’s Christmas lockdown until now, there has been a decrease in the number of coronavirus cases in the UK. So, this is excellent news for the ones who love to travel and are yearning to do so this year. It is an article to help you get back in the mood to travel through movies and shows. I have done one on travel inspiration books too, so must read it afterwards.

At the start of the pandemic, I looked for a creative outlet for my anxiety but, during the last few months, I have taken to watching movies and shows that will quench my thirst for travels. 

Movies and shows have beautiful places which can fill people with a desire to travel. And I want to share all the best movies and shows I found that will get you in the mood to travel. Most of them are available on Amazon Prime Video and Netflix. So, lets dig in!


Call me by your name

I watched this movie last and was genuinely surprised by how much I miss going out and visiting different places. This movie is set in Italy and is about a boy Elio Perlman who spends the summer in his family’s old villa where he meets Oliver, an intern of Elio’s father.

Crazy Rich Asians

If you love romance and drama and the sights of a beautiful country, Singapore, you will love Crazy Rich Asians. This movie is about a professor from America who visits Singapore and attends a wedding with her boyfriend and then meets his family there. This movie showcases a typical Asian household set in the modern light. The book is highly recommended too.

Just go with it

Just go with it, which is a Jennifer Anniston classic is a great movie and would help you be cheerful when you can’t travel around. This movie is about a plastic surgeon who takes his new girlfriend and his assistant on a trip to Hawaii. The assistant poses as his ex-wife because of a lie he tells to his new girlfriend.


Eurotrip is a movie about backpacking across Europe. A film like this is likely to make anyone wish to travel the world or, at least, across Europe. I watched this movie a while back and had to add it to my list. It is a light-hearted movie and fun to watch.

The sisterhood of travelling pants

Another great movie that will keep your spirits high while you are sitting at home; is the sisterhood of the travelling pants. The film is about four friends with different backgrounds who spend their first summer vacation away from each other. So, to stay in touch with each other, they pass over a pair of pants that fits them all.

Paper towns

This movie is an adaption of John Green’s novel, Paper Towns. It is a story of a girl, Margo who, runs away and Quintin who follows her. Margo leaves behind clues to find her, and Quintin follows these clues in a search for Margo. This movie takes you on a journey of love and friendship and the search for something magnificent. 

Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara

This is a Bollywood movie based on three friends who made a pact in college to travel together before one of them gets married. And this leads them to a road trip in Spain. This is one of my personal favourites and convinced me to travel, with friends of course! It is available on Netflix and although the movie is in Hindi language, you can of course watch it with subtitles. Totally worth it!


Emily in Paris

Emily In Paris, which was released last year, could not have come at a better time. I watched it in Christmas holidays. A show about a girl who moves to Paris because of her work and adjusts to her new surroundings. As someone stuck at home, this show sure made me wish I was in Paris surrounded by beautiful architecture and exotic food.

Jack Whitehall: Travel with my father

Jack Whitehall is a British comedian, and, in this show, he is accompanied by his father while he travels the world. Jack Whitehall: Travel with my father is a fun and light-hearted show. This show has four seasons in which the duo travels to a new place.

Sex and the city

Sex and the city is a timeless classic. It is one of my favourite shows and is one of the best ones to watch if you have a wanderlust for New York. I watched this show a while back and have been dreaming about New York since then. This show is about four best friends who live different lives but still manage to stay close. 

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Of course, you want to travel the world but what about a show that lets you travel in time? This has been recommended by a friend who claimed it to be one of the best shows they watched last year. Dark is a sci-fi show. The show is based in Germany and is in German language, but it is available in English too. It is said to be a delightful watch for people who love to travel.


Another sci-fi show on this list is Sense8. Sense8 is about eight people with different backgrounds residing in various countries around the world who have one thing in common – they are all connected telepathically. Around thirteen countries were visited in this show which makes this a fantastic show for all travel lovers.

Movies and shows are great ways to travel without physically leaving your home. Tell me your favourite movies and shows that get you in the mood to travel in the comment section below! XX

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