Travel tips to stay comfy on the road

April 17, 2021
Travel tips to stay comfy on the road

There is nothing more euphoric than to travel and explore new places. This love becomes tenfold when you not only discover places but also stay comfy on the road. Many road trip essentials will make your experience worth remembering.

Road trips are amazing. There is nothing better than going on the road and exploring new places. I have always loved the idea of road trips and did one two years ago too and would highly recommend everyone to go to on one, occasionally. Planning my next road trip soon!Road trips are a great way to tour across different places. Watching the sunset from your car to stopping at a completely new place to stop and eat, all of these make travelling on the road a euphoric experience. 

Of course, many people shy away from road trips. The reason I have heard so many times is that long rides can be uncomfortable for people. Many times these discomforts arise because we don’t do proper planning for the trip. Road trips are a fantastic experience. But you should note down all the necessary road trips essentials for your trip before you set your foot in the car.

Road trip essentials vary from people to people. Many reasons might cause discomfort on your road trip. Through this article, I have shared all my favourite road trip essentials that helped me get the most out of the experience. So, let’s dig in.

Get adequate sleep before the trip

Get adequate sleep

Getting a good night’s sleep is both a self-note and advice. Having had a good amount of sleep is essential if you are going on a road trip, especially if it will be longer than 8 hours. I have a hard time falling asleep a night before going on a trip because of the excitement, and I am sure many others do so. So, what works best for me is to listen to the advice of my mom. I put my phone down and go to sleep as soon as possible.

If you do not drive on road trips, that still does not exempt you from getting a good amount of sleep. It is necessary to get adequate rest before you set out on the road. I am one of those who have a hard time taking a nap when I am in a car. I am usually too worried about missing something, because of which I stay wide awake throughout the ride. So, sleeping for at least eight-plus hours a night before helps a lot if you suffer from the same fears of missing out on an aesthetic view or a pretty landscape that might pass you by while you are asleep.

Wear breathable and comfortable clothes

Comfortable clothes

Ok, do not roll your eyes by the heading. I see many people making this mistake, so I just had to mention it. You can wear whatever you feel comfortable in for a long time. What works best for me is something simple like leggings and a top or a tracksuit. It is best to avoid dresses that will take away comfort while you try to enjoy the ride. Avoid wearing jeans and nothing too tight or uncomfortable.

Of course, many people dress up for road trips to take memorable photos. In such a case, go for a stylish tracksuit, or pair up your legging with a cute top. Dress according to the weather. If you are travelling in the summer or spring, wear something light and if you are travelling in winters or fall, hoard up on all the hoodies. Remember, layering is the key!

Tip: It is best to carry a cardigan with you, especially if you are going on a long road trip. You do not need to wear it but keep it with you just in case; there is a change in weather at the place you are going to.

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Tie up you hair

Tie up your hair

A helpful tip for all of you who have long hair is to tie it up! You can go for a messy bun or a simple ponytail, whichever one you prefer. Tied up hair will give you more freedom and help you stay more comfortable on a long journey. It is one of the most beneficial road trip essentials to keep your hair tied up. 

Having your hair tied up will also keep them safe from dirt particles and, it will also give you the freedom to enjoy your travel to the utmost while also being completely comfy.

Tip: If you want to take pictures on the road, then keep a hair clip or pony with you, and whenever you are not taking photos, tie them up and enjoy the comforts of a long road trip.

Carry a bag

Carry a bag

Carrying a bag should be a no brainer. Always remember to keep a bag. Make sure that the bag you pick is big enough to hoard up all your road trip essentials. Do not forget to pack up all the essential in your bag. You can also carry your extra layers in the bag if it is big enough. Stuff such as earphones, power bank, charger, food, and more should be the first in your bag. 

If you are a reader, then you can also carry a book. Bags are very beneficial on road trips. By keeping a bag, you will not have to search through the luggage when you are on the road. 

Carrying a big bag would save you from the hassle of having everything in hand, and it will also help make sure you have not forgotten anything before you leave for your road trip. 

Tip: if your bag is big enough, make sure you also carry the most essentials that will come in need when you arrive at your destination. This way, it will be less stressful when you finally arrive at the location and, you can relax and unwind with as little work as possible.

Wear flat shoes

Wear flat shoes

Another tip which will help you stay comfy on the road is to wear flats. Wearing flats is the best way to keep your feet comfortable. And trust me, if you are on a road trip and will be further exploring the new place you arrive to, you need feet that will be ready for the long tours. 

If you are a socks person, then you can wear them with your flats as well. Flat sandals are great because you can casually put your feet up whenever your legs get tired.

Tip: if you travel as soon as you arrive, you can also carry an extra pair of shoes that you want to wear with you in a bag. Try to make a little space for them with the other stuff. 

Road trips are a great experience. There is nothing more I love than to explore different places and locations. Of course, there are many road trip essentials to keep in mind that makes a journey worthwhile. 

Do you have any other tips that help you stay comfy on the road? Tell me in the comments. XX

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