Must-have beauty essentials for travelling

March 10, 2021
travel beauty essentials

Travelling is extremely fun, but it’s not always good for our skin. It could be anything. Change in sleep schedule, too much of the sun exposure or even the changing weather around you. These things can wreak havoc on your skin. Plus, you need to look great for all the pictures you will be posting on social media. Follow this simple guide to make sure you look Insta-ready on your next vacation.


Whether you are chilling in a French café or are going site seeing Italy, this one product right here is your best friend. There are too many dangers of extended sun exposure, but you can’t spend your whole vacations indoors. In such a situation, sunscreen comes in handy, make sure you are carrying at least SPF 50+, if you are going on a sunny vacation. Pro-tip, you should also have hats and scarfs with you to protect yourself better.

Face creams

Another essential that will make sure your skin glows throughout your travels is a good face cream. Moisturizing is a key to hydrating your skin. Face creams are essential travel carry-ons for winters specially to make sure you do not get dry patches. For humid weathers go for a lighter texture or even a gel-based cream. A pro tip is to carry a face cream which works well on both, day and night. Also, make sure the cream container is travel-friendly.

Shampoo and conditioner

Now, most of the hotels provide their customers with shampoo and conditioner, but usually, they are low quality or are not perfect for your hair particularly. I personally make sure I carry my shampoo and conditioner on my travels to avoid damage to my hair. So to avoid these problems, make sure you are doing the same. You can also go for shampoo and conditioner that comes in a bar form. They are easy to carry. This way, you will also be avoiding any spills. A pro tip is to take dry shampoo with yourself, as this can save you time and help with the touch-ups when in a hurry.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is a beneficial plant and can be a lifesaver when travelling, especially if you are travelling to a country where you will be spending a lot of time under the sun like a country with beaches. Aloe Vera is a quick remedy to treat a sunburn. Pro-tip is to keep the Aloe Vera in a cold place and dry place. Also, I mix just a little in my moisturizer to add that soothing feeling to the skin.


Since you are on the move, you need to make sure that your products are multi-purpose. For this you can carry a balm they can help heal dry skin, chapped lips and even rashes. Balms are also beneficial for cuts, scrapes, sunburn, and eczema. I recommend using Vaseline original balm.


Most hotels don’t even provide its guest with a cleanser and, this can lead to you washing your face with a soap bar, which can clog your pores and dry up your skin. It has been about 16 years since I last used a soap bar on my face, and just never looked back really. Even if you are not picky about your skincare routine, make sure you carry a portable cleanser, which suits your needs. A pro tip is to avoid tube forms and go for plastic bottles, which greatly helps stop spills.


Since we have already talked about how to keep you face glowing throughout your travels. Now it’s time for that extra wow factor to make your skin look flawless. The first product that I recommend in any make-up bag is a good and creamy concealer. Now some people wake up bright-eyed in any time zone, well not me – and I’m a night owl too. So, make sure you cover up the dark eye circles with a good concealer, so there are no dark shadows in your pictures. Pro tip, never rub the concealer around the eyes, instead just pat your ring finger softly until it blends in the skin.


Make sure to pick a foundation which is not too heavy. I don’t wear full coverage foundations when needed, and just avoid using foundation most of the times. When travelling, you will be wearing make-up all day, due to which it can end up looking cakey. With this, I will also suggest keeping a lightweight setting powder to make sure you are setting your foundation correctly. If you are not a foundation person like me, you can also opt for a BB cream. They usually serve a similar purpose with lighter coverage.

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Cream blush

Now blush is my favourite beauty product of all time. It gives a beautiful hue to the cheeks. I go for peachy and pink shades. Now, why go for a cream blush instead of a traditional one, because you can use your fingers to blend it in properly instead of carrying an extra brush. And there are fewer chances of breaking the blush in transit – broken mine once, and it feel terrible.

Red lipstick

Red lipsticks are fun and playful at the same time. Sometimes a red lipstick can be a look in itself. Personally, I have never used it myself, however, I love it on others and feel like trying it one day. Also, not a fan of matte lipstick but that is a personal choice, so go for whatever is your style. I usually go for a creamier consistency. A pro tip is that when you are wearing red lipstick, it gives off an impression that you are wearing more make-up than you usually are, so if you are a minimalist when it comes to make-up make sure to pack a red lipstick.

Other tips

I would also suggest some useful accessories that you can bring on your travels. A toiletry bag, I would recommend it for its organizing capabilities. Second, any facial mist, these can be a lifesaver, after a long flight to refresh your skin or just a full day outdoors. I would also suggest some creamy eyeshadows. I would recommend nude shades as I believe they can go with many outfits. The fourth one also has to do with defining your eyes, go for pointy eyeliner, a good tip is to go for a pen-style liner as they are easier to use.

One of the most important things to remember on your travels is to take care of yourself. There is no better way to take care of yourself then providing the absolute best to your skin. Trust me; you will thank yourself if you take all the necessary precautions to protect your skin even while relaxing!

Tell me all about your must-have beauty essentials for when you are travelling in the comment section below! XX

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