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Best gadgets for travellers

February 8, 2021
Best tech devices for travellers

Who doesn’t love travelling right? While It is a good recommendation that you travel light. But to make your experience more effortless, companies are coming up with gadgets that can make your travelling fun. From solar power chargers to smart suitcases, there is something for every traveller. 


Universal Plug Adapter

Have you ever found yourself rummaging through the content of your bags because your cell phone or camera is about to die? And when you finally find your charger, you realize the wall socket does not accept the pin layout of your charger?

It is where universal plug adaptor usually comes into play. It is a kind of charger that has a pin layout of almost every country in the world. It ensures you will not have to run out to find a charger on your vacations. A pro tip over here is to carry a car charger so you can charge your phones while in a cab as well. You can find these online on eBay or Amazon, or another great option is to get one from your destination airport.

Portable Phone Charger or Power Bank

Portable Phone Charger or Power Bank

Imagine you are walking around the city enjoying your vacation. Taking pictures left, right and centre. While you are roaming and using the GPS to find the perfect spot to capture the sunset and, when you finally find it, your phone starts indicating low battery. Bummer! Right?

Well no more, keep a handy power bank or a portable charger to keep your battery blues away. A good tip here is to invest in a solar power charger as you can charge it while travelling.

Mobile WiFi Hotspot

Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspot

There is always a worry about foreign sim or roaming charges while travelling. Depending upon your data plan, roaming charges can defer. This kind of devices can help you save a lot of money. It also provides you with a secure and stable connection wherever in the world you are travelling to. So, you do not have to rely on insecure local connections.

It can support up to 5 devices at a time. And some of them even come with the capability of charging your phone as well. With Brexit now in place, this might be a problem for many UK residents travelling to Europe. So, don’t waste time, and one for yourself.  

Smart Suitcases

Smart Suitcases

A bit of a futuristic concept but it has made loads of waves in the travelling industry because of the rather intriguing idea. These suitcases come equipped with GPS trackers, charging ports, sleek looks and smartphone integrations. Just with a few clicks on your phone, you can locate your suitcase, see how much it weighs and whether someone other than you opened it. They make your travel experience a lot more hassle-free.

A helpful tip to remember is to make sure that your airport allows you to carry a smart suitcase. The thumb rule is usually that the bags with non-removable batteries are not allowed, while the removable battery ones are acceptable.

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Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones

Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones

Most people would be sceptical about this device. But imagine you are on a plane with loud fellow passengers and guess what an unpredictable baby is also on board. Then these comfortable and lightweight headphones will play an essential part in your flight.

With noise-cancelling and good sound quality, you can leave your surroundings behind and even enjoy the in-flight movies. Not a fan of that, plug these into your phone and enjoy the tunes you fancy. These headphones are much better than the one that are available in airplanes. A good tip is to invest in good quality brands like Bose or Sony because they provide you with excellent noise cancellation. 

A Sleek Bag Pack

A Sleek Bag Pack

I know I have mentioned the luggage above in the article but, now I am talking about the carry-on. Most people find carrying a carry on a bit of a hassle but hear me out. These bag packs can provide you with greater mobility and, you can have the things you are going to need from time to time in your travelling in a backpack like your passport, tickets, boarding passes, phones or even a water bottle.

These are more spacious and useful than your regular handbags or simple laptop bag and, it is easier to organize them properly. These bags don’t even tire you out as they distribute their weight on your shoulders in such a way that they are even comfortable for long hours of travelling. A good tip is to go for a bag pack of a good adventure sports company. These are useful for both indoor and outdoor use.

Self-Purifying Water Bottles

Self-Purifying Water Bottles

Another nifty gadget that can make your travel experience sublime is carrying a self-purifying water bottle. Theses bottles can save you money from buying a water bottle again and again. They are also great for our environment and can protect you from water-related diseases too.

As the name suggests, they are self-purifying and can kill up to 99.999 per cent of bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms in the water, by destroying their DNA. It is very handy if you like hiking or camping. Try BRITA.


A great camera

A traveller’s tech list is not complete without a good camera. Taking pictures of the beautiful architecture of the cities, the lush landscapes and the blue seas is a traveller’s dream. Investing in a good DSLR camera like Cannon or Nikon is highly recommended. Although there are many DSLRs available for people with a tight budget and if it your first DSLR it is no harm in getting these. Learn the techniques and see what you prefer or suit your travel pictures’ framework. But if you are sceptical to invest in one yet, get a good smartphone device like Samsung or Apple, as their camera features are great too. If you have a big budget, a great tip is to invest in a GoPro.

Travelling is fun especially when you have all the right gadgets with you to ease your experience. So, make sure to carry all the essentials to make your trips unforgettable. XX

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